5 Questions With Our New Technical Engagement Manager: Casey Donahoe

While our AI is working behind the scenes, it is EvolutionIQ’s team of Technical Engagement Managers who are the faces’ of the company. Part of our Client Strategy group, TEAM’S are on the frontline working daily with some of the world’s largest insurers from honing strategy and delivering metrics to the C-suite to helping claims teams maximize the AIl’s impact in their daily work. Technical Engagement Manager Casey Donahoe a two-time marathon runner who recently moved from Denver to Boston joined EvolutionIQ in early 2023. With expertise in SaaS product implementation, technology operations, and change management, her previous work spans technology roles with Sun Life, Maxwell Health, Oscar Health, and Boston Children’s Hospital. 

What drew you to EvolutionIQ?

As a Technical Engagement Manager, I am the primary client contact for everything and that is one of the particular aspects that drew me to this role. The role is expansive, spanning implementation, account management, analytics, training, and adoption. As a TEAM, you are doing a lot both strategically and tactically. The high touch relationship fosters a strong sense of partnership and creative execution within each engagement. 

How would you describe the people at EvolutionIQ?

The word I tend to use is hard-core but in a phenomenal way. There is a sense of high energy intensity that’s driven by the team’s shared orientation of our mission and goal. It very much feels like we are marching to the beat of the same drum, and that’s unique from other places I’ve worked. Everyone is hyper-focused on forward momentum  from leveling up how we deliver our module analytics to developing new innovation modules. No matter how big or small, it very much feels like it is a group of people who work really hard together and are oriented the same way  which I really appreciate.

What is your favorite part about working at EvolutionIQ?

My favorite part about working here is the collaborative culture. There’s a lot of cross functional exposure across teams and projects. For most employees here, everyone was a top performer at their previous company, and then you join EIQ and it feels immediately validating as the type of team you want to be apart of and you want to work with. I learn something from every single person I interact with at EvolutionIQ. While my primary focus is implementing and supporting our external partners, I simultaneously love the internal building work focused on scaling the business and driving innovation. We’re constantly finding better ways to add value for our clients, and I think a lot of that is a testament to our deeply connected internal culture.

How have you grown professionally in your time here?

From Day 1 at EvolutionIQ I’ve had a seat at the proverbial table and it was expected of me to be contributing, adding perspective, and sharing creative ideas and thoughts early-on. The client services and leadership team is supportive and challenges each other to think more strategically and continue to evolve how we operate and deliver. I’ve grown tremendously and I’m a stronger communicator, strategic thinker, and leader by being surrounded by such an amazing team.

How do customers respond to your work?

It’s fun to be in a client-facing role at EvolutionIQ because the technology is seriously transformative for claims organizations. We’re building real, lasting partnerships and I routinely feel that enthusiasm from our clients. They look to us as industry thought leaders and strategic agents of change. It’s very cool how genuinely impactful our work is for our clients.

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