5 Questions With Our New Machine Learning Engineer: Javen Xu

  Artificial intelligence is what powers EvolutionIQ’s claim guidance system. And it’s our machine learning engineers who develop the algorithms and models that enable the technology to analyze, reason, and understand just like a human would. Staff Machine Learning (ML) Engineer Javen Xu joined EvolutionIQ in early 2023 and is part of the ML team […]

5 Questions With Our New Technical Engagement Manager: Casey Donahoe

While our AI is working behind the scenes, it’s EvolutionIQ’s team of Technical Engagement Managers who are the “faces” of the company. Part of our Client Strategy group, ‘TEM’s’ are on the frontline working daily with some of the world’s largest insurers – from honing strategy and delivering metrics to the C-suite to helping claims […]

5 Questions With Our Client Strategy Expert: Drew Keneally

5 Questions With Our Client Strategy Expert: Drew Keneally EvolutionIQ’s Client Strategy and Analytics Team partners with clients to analyze data, generate insights, and then develop tailored strategies to ensure clients are receiving the most value possible from our AI platform. Client Strategist Drew Keneally, whose home base is in Montana, joined EvolutionIQ just under […]

New Partnership Spotlights the Complementary Tech Platforms of Majesco and EvolutionIQ

A new partnership just announced between EvolutionIQ and Majesco – which already share a number of joint customers – underscores just how complementary the two systems are for disability carriers and TPAs. The agreement expands the use of EvolutionIQ’s AI-powered claims guidance for disability by integrating it with Majesco’s market-leading cloud platform solutions for policy, […]

Reliance Matrix’s Chief Claims Officer on AI: “Like Lighting in a Bottle”

As EvolutionIQ’s first client, top disability carrier Reliance Matrix has the longest track record in the industry using AI-powered claims guidance. Scott Boutin, Senior Vice President/Chief Claims Officer, Reliance Matrix, and President, Standard Security Life Insurance Company of NY, recently stopped by EvolutionIQ’s New York City headquarters for a fireside chat with employees. The freewheeling […]

AI That Helps the Sick & Injured is a Good News Growth Model

EvolutionIQ experienced a phenomenal year of growth in 2022 and that momentum continues to accelerate. A number of factors are at play, but there’s one overriding driver: Artificial intelligence simply does an incredible job at helping sick and injured people.  That’s been our mission since founding the company three years ago: to help people regain […]

Getting People on the Best Recovery Path Sooner with AI for Short-Term Disability

For sick and injured employees on Short-Term Disability (STD), a successful recovery path hinges on claims examiners making accurate and fast decisions at the outset. Just as EvolutionIQ’s AI-powered claims guidance is making an impact at Reliance Standard Life – as seen here in our case study – new data just in from a top […]

AI’s Impact on IDI Claims: Helping More People Return to Work

One of the most eye-opening features of AI-powered claims guidance is its ability to drive dramatic, measurable, and consistent results across a wide array of insurance lines such as Group and Individual Disability, Workers’ Compensation, and Property & Casualty. And the most-watched metric is whether AI is helping more sick or injured people get their […]