5 Questions With Our New Customer Expert: Palantir Vet Kipp Teamey

Joining a senior leadership team that already includes experts from Google AI, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech leaders is Kipp Teamey – our new Head of Client Strategy. He spent nine years as a deployment strategist at Palantir Technologies, which integrates, manages, and secures data as part of complex data analytics. Prior to that […]

Partnering People with AI to Transform Claims Handling: Part 2

In Part 1 of our recap of the recent virtual panel, Partnering People with AI to Transform Claims Handling, we heard from leaders of Principal Financial Group and Sun Life Financial about the experience of deploying AI-powered claims guidance for the first time.   In today’s Part 2, we’ll look at how the technology does far more […]

Partnering People with AI to Transform Claims Handling: Part 1

AI claims guidance is an entirely new class of software specifically designed as a co-pilot that guides the right examiners and adjusters to the right claim at the right time. So what’s it like for carriers that have deployed the software and are experiencing the effects first hand?  In the recent virtual panel, Partnering People […]

AI partnership ‘looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship’

AI partnership ‘looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship’ Like Fred and Ginger or Woody and Buzz – some duos simply fit. And that’s how a new partnership between insurance giant Munich Re North America Life and EvolutionIQ is playing out.  The insurance sector may lack glittering dance floors and animated toy chests for […]

5 Things that Shot Us onto Inc. Magazine’s ‘Best Workplaces’ List

Who ya gonna call? If you’re ready to apply cutting edge tech to the most challenging problems, the answer is EvolutionIQ – pictured above at our Puerto Rico 2022 offsite! We’re honored that Inc. magazine just named EvolutionIQ to its prestigious “Best Workplaces 2022” list. The judges took a comprehensive measurement of American companies with […]

Media Round-up: Deep Learning AI and the Transformation of Insurance Claims

Our news about $21 million in Series A funding sparked coverage across an array of publications specializing in insurance, technology, and venture capital investments. The financial experts such as Wall Street Journal Pro VC, Fortune Term Sheet, Pitchbook, Fintech Global and more focused on the substantial dollar amount, market timing, and key players involved, such […]

Human in the Loop AI for Claims Guidance

With the news of our Series A funding, a spotlight is being thrown on how EvolutionIQ isn’t just building new tools or a better mousetrap – but is instead creating an entirely new technology category. As VentureBeat underscored: “EvolutionIQ has developed what it calls the first human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence (AI) claims guidance technology for the […]

TechCrunch: ‘EvolutionIQ secures $21M to streamline insurance claims processing with AI’

A key factor driving EvolutionIQ’s successful Series A funding is that the insurance industry is in the midst of a dramatic, once-in-a-generation change in how it manages claims. It’s all about applying artificial intelligence to drive actionable insights. As TechCrunch reports: “Informed by its predictive algorithms, EvolutionIQ spotlights dozens of claims from tens of thousands […]

Why We Chose to Harness the Power of AI for Insurance

Why We Chose to Harness the Power of AI for Insurance Insurance is a product that everyone in the world needs. In reality, it’s actually pretty simple: Insurance is the service of transferring the risk of an unbearable financial outcome away from you to an entity that can withstand it at a fair price. This […]

How Machine Learning Solves ‘Impossibly Hard’ Big Data Insurance Problems

In an in-depth interview with Carrier Management, Tomas Vykruta, co-founder and CEO of EvolutionIQ, explains how we’re bringing machine learning approaches to formerly intractable big data problems in claims management. We’ve pulled out some highlights below – or you can link to the full article here. Insurers have massive data problems, but they’re tackling these […]