Case Study: EvolutionIQ Exceeds Adjuster Severity Recognition at Top P&C Carrier

EvolutionIQ’s breakthrough turns the tide on industry’s largest problem Commercial Insurance Claim handling has just had its breakthrough moment. In multiple blind tests across the claims life cycle, EvolutionIQ’s IQPriority P&C Claims Guidance Platform predicted the eventual cost of claims and litigation escalation more accurately than highly experienced claims adjusters across multiple sets of claims. Skilled adjusters […]

Case Study: Reliance Standard Drives 8-Figure Reserve Takedowns Leveraging EvolutionIQ AI

Reliance Standard, in partnership with EvolutionIQ, has demonstrated tangible ROI on investments in AI across claims. Leveraging IQInvestigate to automate the referral of claims for investigation, Reliance Standard is now driving 4x the resolutions through higher accuracy of referrals, fewer false positive investigations and significantly improved impact rate of 40%. Reliance Standard, a Top 10 […]

A New Era: Partnership between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

How Complementary Strengths of Humans and Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Efficiencies in Insurance Currently, there seems to be a fair amount of skepticism out there about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – with some people even painting a dire portrait of a future in which robots are fighting humans in some dystopian […]