Driving Trust and Impact with Explainable AI

"Black Box AI" has always struggled to drive impact in the modern insurance ecosystem, and yet building AI products that truly explain themselves is a real technical challenge.

Driving Trust and Impact with Explainable AI

MARCH 26, 2021

Recently, as part of our Firesidechat series, I sat down (stood up) with our own Senior ML Engineer Georg M Goerg , to understand how the EvolutionIQ technical team is solving this dilemma, how we build our explainable systems, and why it’s so critical for our end users. After 7 Years at Google and now almost 14 months here at EvolutionIQ, there’s no one better on the topic of productionizing explainable AI systems that Georg M Goerg. Take a look at how our teams are trying to bring explainability into your analytics.

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