EvolutionIQ Unveils MedHub: Revolutionizing Medical Synthesis within Claims Guidance Ecosystem

Streamlining Claims Decision-Making: EvolutionIQ Addresses Challenges Working with Medical Data in Claims Handling Process

NEW YORK, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EvolutionIQ, the market-leading Claims Guidance platform for Disability and Workers’ Compensation lines of insurance, today announced the release of MedHub, an AI-powered medical summarization and synthesis solution integrated into EvolutionIQ’s platform, creating a single workspace for claims professionals that streamlines process, gathers insights, and empowers teams to make high-impact decisions quicker and more confidently.

Why it Matters

Deciphering vast amounts of medical data from disparate sources has long been a laborious and error-prone task for claims teams. Complex comorbidities and a team’s varied levels of medical expertise often result in prolonged claim durations and process inefficiencies.

What’s New

MedHub changes the status quo by introducing a groundbreaking approach to consuming medical information within the EvolutionIQ ecosystem. Tailored specifically for claims teams, MedHub seamlessly ingests, processes, and extracts relevant insights from hundreds of pages. It empowers claims professionals to leverage medical documentation more effectively by considering claim-specific, clinical contexts. MedHub works with existing EvolutionIQ features to expedite decision-making, reduce claim resolution times, and improve claimant experience.

“MedHub enhances our claims professionals’ ability to deeply understand their claimants’ medical circumstances, and be a partner on their return to health journey. Using it inside our existing EvolutionIQ environment makes it a seamless expansion of our capabilities to better serve our claimants,” said Amanda Staples, Vice President, Head of Group Insurance Claims, Prudential.

Frontline teams will find MedHub indispensable

Claims Professionals often have to spend a substantial portion of their time meticulously reviewing complex medical documentation to gain important contextual understanding of the claim. MedHub drives operational efficiency, enabling frontline teams and managers to focus their efforts effectively while also improving professional satisfaction.

“EvolutionIQ’s MedHub is the next advanced tool we are implementing on our journey of embracing technology and insight tools to support our claims guidance process,” said Scott Boutin, Chief Claims Officer at Reliance Matrix. “RelianceMatrix continues to be at the forefront of the industry, operationalizing cutting edge technology to enhance the service to our claimants through more effective and efficient tools for our claims examiners. EvolutionIQ’s MedHub is a key resource in advancing our strategy.” 

MedHub can be enabled and operational for any EvolutionIQ client within two weeks.

“MedHub empowers Claims Professionals with access to essential data, context, and a timeline for informed decision-making.  MedHub is a pivotal component in EvolutionIQ’s vision to become the #1 trusted source of medical insights and analysis in the insurance industry,” said Benjamin Berry, Chief Product Officer at EvolutionIQ.

About EvolutionIQ

EvolutionIQ pioneered Claims Guidance in 2019. Its explainable AI guides insurance claims professionals to their highest potential impact claims, improving the claimant experience and delivering better claim outcomes to claimants, carriers and their customers. EvolutionIQ serves the group disability, individual disability and workers’ compensation markets worldwide. EvolutionIQ’s AI native products have been adopted by 70% of the top 15 U.S. disability carriers and a growing list of workers’ compensation carriers. The New York-based company employs 150 staff across the United States, Europe and Australia. For more information, visit evolutioniq.com and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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About EvolutionIQ

EvolutionIQ has become one of the insurance industry’s fastest-adopted software applications by linking institutional experience with professional operators to drive better handling outcomes. EvolutionIQ allows organizations to combine the predictive power of historical claims analysis with unstructured claimant data and third party information to automatically identify high-opportunity claims, and cases likely to be referred to adjusters. Insurers choose EvolutionIQ to increase their profitability and control over complex lines of business by integrating decision intelligence into every step of the claims handling process.

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