AI-Powered Claims Guidance Helps More People Recover and Return to Work

Insurers report up to a 35% increase in sick or injured people back to work using EvolutionIQ and nearly 4,000 absence years saved – and growing.

Putting people first

The journey and rates of your return-to-work claimants are drastically improved when claims teams are empowered to take the right actions, on the right claims, at the right time with Claims Guidance.

What is Claims Guidance?
New AI software that empowers users to be proactive and highly impactful at claims handling as they can:
  • Monitor each and every open claim in your book at all time
  • Unlock real-time insights from the overwhelming amount of daily incoming claims data & documents
  • Guide timely, high impact actions on the claims that need the most attention, when attention is most needed 
Why Claims Guidance?
Claims Guidance is a force multiplier for your team. With real-time insights and expert guidance at their fingertips they can:
  • Drive timely & safe return to work, saving years of lost productivity
  • Improve claimant experience by redirecting examiner’s focus to meaningful engagement while reducing unnecessary claim touches
  • Fast-track training &  coaching, helping junior members operate with confidence

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Solving the biggest challenges in Income Protection Claims

EvolutionIQ Clinches Spot in Top 100 AI Companies

This recognition highlights EvolutionIQ’s innovation and leadership in developing AI solutions that are transforming claims in disability insurance, income protection, and workers’ compensation markets.
New Report

From hidden data 
to higher profits: how Insurers unlocked millions with AI-Claims Guidance.

Investing in AI-Powered Claims Guidance delivers returns to your: team, policyholders, bottom line and the wider economy & society.

3.5 Months

Earlier Return to Work

Claims Guidance:

Fast support for sick and injured workers, accelerating return-to-work..


Increase In RTW

Claims Guidance:

AI-powered critical claims prioritisation for claims professionals.


Of referrals accepted by 
Senior Examiners for 
recertification investigation

Claims Guidance:

Enhancing accuracy, optimising timing, preventing resource waste..

7-10x ROI

The most impactful 
technology & transformation project for insurers

AI-driven efficiency:

Unprecedented cost savings,
outperforming projects in underwriting & distribution.


Faster payment on 

qualified claims

Claims Guidance:

Faster support for claimants, minimal oversight for routine cases.


Reserve reduction

Sustainable returns
with Claims Guidance:

Grow your AI-powered business.

We support leading insurers in making decisions

Empower Your Claims Teams with Foresight

EvolutionIQ’s Claims Guidance predicts claim paths and delivers expert advice, ensuring your teams are fully prepared to deliver exceptional service.
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Claims Guidance in Action

Rediscovering Hope: A Lupus Warrior’s Journey to a More Suitable Role
October 2023, EIQ surfaced a claim that had not had any medical review since 2020.

After Claims Guidance initiated a prompt to investigate, an assigned vocational specialist and nurse helped the claimant gain strategies to better manager her condition.

Claimant was assisted in finding a suitable new full time role and the claim was closed swiftly.
  • 54 year old therapist
  • Lupus and resulting kidney issues
  • On-claim for six years and had 13 years left until max duration
How it works

Our Claims AI acquires and harnesses data to deliver the tactical guidance your team needs.

Data acquisition 
& ingestion
EvolutionIQ combines structured and unstructured carrier data with our proprietary third party data.
Unified machine 

EvolutionIQ builds and maintains unique models for each client, serving your unique claims org with our unique technology.
Tactical guidance delivered to claims teams

Claims Guidance Systems are delivered directly to claim handlers who use the insights for every claim they touch.

Experience the power of AI-Powered Guidance firsthand.

Witness how it can elevate your RTW ratios by 35% and slash reserve allocations 
by eight figures within the first year.

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AI-powered Claims Guidance

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