For TPA's

EvolutionIQ Enables Leading TPAs to Win on Technology

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, TPAs that leverage technology as a core differentiator win. EvolutionIQ allows TPAs to harness cutting-edge loss reduction technology, and match their clients’ commitment to data-driven decision making across their programs. By analyzing the entire claims exposure in real-time, and offering per-claim recommendations for value-added services, EvolutionIQ enables TPAs to increase revenues, while reducing client losses.

Core Business Value:

Live Monitoring of All Claims

Ensure everyone, from your adjusters & management to your clients, has a reliable, independent view of each claim.

Daily Inventory X-Ray for Risk Managers and Client Executives

Best-in-class claim inventory reporting gives clients updated analytics on every claim, and offers a more accurate risk picture than general reserves.

Application Features