Karan Uppal


“I joined EvolutionIQ because I wanted to work at a fast moving company solving real pain points for their clients. I continue to stay because the work is rewarding and I get to learn a lot from the people I work with.”

Erin Driggers

Recruiting and People

“There are a few things I like about working at EvolutionIQ. First and foremost is the people. They are intelligent, hard-working, and engaging. The second is the company’s vision, it is clear, and leadership is laser-focused on executing that vision. And finally, customers are happy with the results our product provides.”

Stanley Yang


“One of my favorite things about EvolutionIQ is how we are focused on creating customer value. We move fast and iterate based on feedback for both product features and internal development processes.”

Benjamin Berry


“Favorite thing about working at EvolutionIQ is collaborating with some of the most brilliant people I’ve known solving a problem our customers really care about that can have such a positive impact on the society. Every day we have an impact driving down the cost of that risk sharing while simultaneously decreasing the burden on those trying to recover from catastrophe.”