EvolutionIQ Wows Insurtech Insights with Proven Results from Leading Carriers Prudential & CNA

EvolutionIQ took the stage – and the exhibit hall – by storm at Insurtech Insights in New York City last week.. Our co-Founder and co-CEO, Mike Saltzman, led a fireside chat with industry leaders Mike Estep, President of Prudential’s Group Insurance Division, and Brad Rothenberg, Vice President of CNA’s Claim Transformation & Technology Division. During the discussion, many thought-provoking remarks were made regarding the transformative power of technology in the claims handling process.

AI: A Game-Changer for Claims Organizations

The conversation focused on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way insurance carriers perceive and support their claims teams. Saltzman, Estep, and Rothenberg all agreed that AI is poised to revolutionize the claims landscape. By simplifying routine tasks, AI frees up adjusters and examiners to focus on what matters most: human connection.

Tech Empowers Empathy: The Future of Claims

Imagine a world where claims professionals spend less time on paperwork and more time building relationships with claimants. That’s the future EvolutionIQ is helping to create. With AI handling the tedious work, frontline operators can devote themselves to providing empathetic support, guiding claimants on their recovery journeys, and facilitating a faster return to work.

EvolutionIQ: Why the Rapid Adoption?

EvolutionIQ’s booth buzzed with activity as executives in workers’ compensation and disability insurance gathered to learn more about the use cases that contributed to the company’s rapid growth. The answer lies in our proven ability to deliver real-world results for claimants. We showcased the operational impact and improved claimant outcomes achieved by industry leaders like CNA and Prudential.

The Proof is in the Results

Estep and Rothenberg shared compelling examples of how EvolutionIQ has transformed their claims operations. From pinpointing “high-opportunity” claims early on to provide support and resources more quickly enabling injured workers to recover and return to work, faster. Powered by AI, EvolutionIQ enables carriers to deliver exceptional service while reducing costs significantly.

The Future of Claims is Here

Insurtech Insights 2024 was a resounding success for EvolutionIQ. We connected with leading insurance professionals eager to embrace the future of claims. With AI as our engine inside our claims guidance platform, and empathy as our compass, we’re paving the way for a more efficient, claimant-centric claims experience.

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