Group & Individual Disability

Specialized claim insights, real-time claim automation, monitoring & guidance on all active claim blocks from STD to Mature Block LTD.

EvolutionIQ ensures every claim gets the attention it needs, with actionable examiner guidance to assist in Return to Work, expense reduction, and duration management throughout the claim lifecycle. By offering automation and holistic guidance on every claim, EvolutionIQ enables overworked examiner teams to increase their capacity while reducing claim durations, ensuring claimants receive superior customer experience with fewer disruptions.

Operational Business Value

Expense Reduction & Duration Management for STD Claims
Reduced Incidence Rate from STD to LTD
Increased Vocational Impact & Alt-Occ RTW
Active Claim Monitoring & Increased LTD Claim Resolutions

EvolutionIQ offers predictive guidance throughout the STD process, enabling a highly effective Advance Pay and Close process, instant smart-triage to customized examiner groups on intake, and daily-updated duration expectations on every case to help examiners navigate the claims.

EvolutionIQ is proven to improve claimant experience, increase RTW within the policy period, and increase claim capacity of an STD organization.

Product Overview

EvolutionIQ segments incoming claims by working group, customized to each carrier’s existing or desired processes, including automating Advance Pay and Close with highly accurate duration estimates. As claims progress, IQPriority continuously scans the entire claim file, providing updated duration estimates based on the entire files’ structured, unstructured, and external data, alerting examiners to changes in claim trajectory.

Expense Containment via automated and precise Advance Pay and Close and Fast Track
Loss Cost Containment via examiner guidance and increased attention on impactable claims

EvolutionIQ monitors entire open blocks of LTD claims, both before and after the Change in Definition, and delivers actionable guidance to reduce duration, increase resolutions, and improve claimant experience.

Product Overview

EvolutionIQ’s specialized LTD platform continuously monitors all open claims, from actively managed new LTD claims to ‘Stable and Mature’ claims in passively managed blocks. EvolutionIQ delivers clear, action-oriented guidance to examiners, helping them find claims in need of increased attention and reducing unnecessary time spent working stable claims before they become actionable. 

EvolutionIQ also understands the physical exertion levels capabilities of each claimant, as well as their gainful wages, and provides specific vocational guidance and alternative occupation RTW opportunities as they become actionable. 

The result is a more dynamically-managed claim block, where claims receive examiner attention when the need arises, rather than on a predetermined review cycle. Claim durations fall, claimant experience is improved, and examiners are more impactful. EvolutionIQ enables modern claims management.

Results at Top Ten National Carriers:

Named “Top Loss Reduction Technology” within Disability Re-insurer Technology Roundtables

Trusted by Top 10 Carriers in Group & Individual Lines.

Year 1 results include 8-figure reserve reductions, lower STD-LTD incidence rate & larger claim handling capacity

Application Features